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20 Statistics That Show Why Every Restaurant Needs Online Ordering

If you’re anything like the majority of the 327+ million folks living in America, you probably spend a decent chunk of time either on your computer or phone. And let’s face it, the latter has pretty much already replaced the former in terms of functionality and ease of use. With that said, you probably also like to eat. Who doesn’t? 

According to a survey by National Center for Health Statistics, roughly 37% of Americans eat some sort of restaurant takeout every day. Put simply, that means almost a third of the country eats takeout on a daily basis. 

Gone are the days of calling restaurants, waiting on hold, and picking up your takeout only to find they heard your order wrong. Who wants to waste an hour of their life only to end up with something they don’t want? No one. Online ordering is faster, more accurate, and more convenient. The people want it, and it’s here to stay. 

The Reasons Why

You’ve seen the trends. You probably see someone’s face buried in a phone a couple of times a day every day. But take a closer look at some of these statistics and you’ll have no doubt: to succeed, every restaurant needs to offer online ordering. 

1. Almost 4/5 (79%) of Millennials have ordered takeout at least once via a website or mobile app.
2. In 2019, online food delivery revenue is expected to surpass $22 Billion.
3. About 44% of consumers use food delivery services once a month.
4. Three-fifths (60%) of Americans order takeout or delivery at least once a week.
5. Delivery sales are expected to rise to over $365 Billion worldwide by 2030.
6. Around 67% of customers who place online orders will visit the restaurant from which they ordered more frequently than those who do not.
7. Americans spend roughly 13% of their income on food.
8. Just under half (48%) of Americans’ food budgets are spent at restaurants.
9. A whopping 73% of Americans believe technology enhances their dining experience.
10. The majority of restaurants, on average, have a profit margin between 3% and 5%.
11. Food delivery apps are, on average, in the top 40 most downloaded apps in major markets.
12. The average online order is 23% larger than the average in-store order.
13. Digital restaurant ordering is growing 300% faster than in-restaurant dining.
14. Despite its popularity, a minuscule amount (between 2%-3%) of restaurants worldwide currently offer online ordering.
15. Online ordering patrons are more likely to order directly from a restaurant’s website than through a third party.
16. 95% of restaurant owners are in agreement that technology enhances the efficiency of their business.
17. Over a quarter (27%) of people who order food delivery are willing to pay more if the food is delivered quickly.
18. There are over 1 million restaurants in the United States. 70% of them are single-unit restaurants.
19. The volume of restaurant digital orders has grown 23% annually since 2013.
20. 60% of digital orders are done through mobile apps.

The Bottom Line

In the ever-changing digital age, it is clear that consumers want simplicity, convenience, and comfort. In the real world, people want to fill their bellies quickly and cheaply and move on to the next activity in their busy schedule. If you offer great food and an easy way to get that food, your restaurant is going to be pretty popular. At the end of the day, offering digital solutions in a digital world will increase visibility, customer loyalty, and most importantly, profits. 


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